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Finding herself Within

an unwritten book...

8 May 1983
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Right, so apart from having lost the password to my old live journal account because it's email was expired, no thanks to M$ and their crappy hotmail support desk, i've had to create a new account and all the bells and whistles that comes with it, so here's my collarme profile, surely not something in it's entirety because if you do want to read more, just point your browser over to collarme.com and search for the same username *winks*

Just me being me, open minded and interested in talking and taking the conversation forward with those who understand the meaning of consensual, respect and safety and abide with the like.

Don't mind if you're black, white, red, yellow, pink or even brown, irrespective of color, creed, race or age (you need to be, atleast 21/yes you need to be 21, i am not getting screwed over at LJ especially since this bad design of a blogging platform in hosted on trans Atlantic servers :P), am open to all. i'm not perfect and i'm only human.